Conference - Les communautés d'apprenances : Comprendre seul, mais jamais sans les autres.


Since the dawn of time, the construction and social dissemination of knowledge have been the foundation of humanity through human activity, based on a threefold evolutionary process (genetic, cultural and technological) that is the catalyst for the collegial creation of knowledge. Indeed, most of the time, although understanding is an intimate process, it is difficult to achieve it completely without interaction with others. In the context of a so-called 2.0 society, the ability for individuals, as well as for organisations, to identify "who knows what" and to connect with each other to foster the creation of new knowledge has become strategic. Thus, this conference is an opportunity to shed light on the different forms of collective learning, the technologies of collective intelligence and in particular the emergence of massively multi-learner epistemic communities (transmedia storytelling, modding, participative sciences, etc.).

Although these emerging forms of contemporary digital use illustrate in particular the inversion of the usual norms of construction of skills, knowledge and/or know-how, it seems appropriate to draw attention to two pitfalls that raise major citizen issues: (1) the difficulty of institutionalising these emerging processes in formal academic devices, such as MOOCs, and (2) the risk of confusion between belief and knowledge ("Peak of Stupidity", linked to ignorance of one's ignorance), especially for members of learning communities without interaction with academic or scientific institutions.

This webinar took place on 8 avril at 1pm. It was conducted by Pr. Jean Heutte, University Professor at the CIREL laboratory of the University of Lille, within the e-Formation et Innovation hub.

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"Investissements d'avenir" programme (I-SITE ULNE / ANR-16-IDEX-0004 ULNE) managed by the French National Research Agency (ANR).

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