e-Formation & Innovation

The e-Formation et Innovation hub contributes to orienting e-Learning engineering towards innovative perspectives. The innovation in question here results from a transfer of research results in adult e-Learning into the design, implementation and evaluation practices of digital learning environments (e-learning, blended-learning, mooc, spoc, etc.).

In addition, it aims to develop dialogue between research and practices in the field, in a logic of capitalisation and mutualisation at the service of the beneficiaries of e-Learning for adults and young adults, whether in companies, training organisations or in higher education.

This Research and Development hub is under the responsibility of Annie Jézégou, Professor in Education and Training Sciences. Component Sciences of Education and Adult Training (SEFA) of the University of Lille, Laboratory CIREL (ULR 4354), internal team Trigone.

Levers for action

Conferences cycle

The cycle of webinars aims to share the latest research on adult e-learning in relation to topical issues. Discover or rediscover the hub's conferences.


The Resource Library

Explore the articles, videos, conferences or tools developed by e-learning research in our resource library.