Conference : « La e-Formation entre continuité, ruptures et transformations.»


Digital technology is part of a socio-technical history supported by policies, questioning cultures and organisations at the level of actors and institutions. Are we really ready for e-learning? What have we already accepted, more or less consciously, and what are we responsible for? What transformations are underway that are creating ideological, organisational or cultural tensions?

In this conference, Stéphane Simonian provides some answers, addressing the "socio-historical continuity" of actors and institutions as well as the "socio-cultural transformations" that make the implementation of e-Learning possible. The digital is understood here as an artefact, i.e. as a material and symbolic human construct of human activity that is slowly incorporated into organisational and productive processes. His lecture focuses in particular on the historical-sociocultural dynamics of artefacts and on the actional dynamics of actors and institutions.

This webinar took place on 14 septembre 2021 at 1pm. It was conducted by Stéphane Simonian, University Professor at the "Education, Cultures, Policies" laboratory of the University of Lyon 2.

To find out more about Prof. Stéphane Simonian's research, please visit his professional page.

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"Investissements d'avenir" programme (I-SITE ULNE / ANR-16-IDEX-0004 ULNE) managed by the French National Research Agency (ANR).

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